Approaching women, funny lines to say to women

You: Are you going out with us for a drink later?
She : Maybe. I don’t know what are your plans
You: My plans? Well, I have to stop by the framing place to see how they’re coming along with mounting my Congressional Medal of Honor. They’re finding it hard to squeeze it inside the same frame alongside my Medal of Freedom. Then I have a conference call with Bill Gates. After that, I’m kind of free for a drink.

-Situation: 2 girls at a table. Pick up your drink, walk over to the table with a slight smile on your face, and say
: What, are you girls shy or something?
They: no, why?
You: Because I’ve been sitting at the next table for at least a half hour and you haven’t come over to say hi to me!

-You: You know what they say about girls who wear these, right? (pointing to her large hoop earrings)
She: What?
wait 2 seconds before you say the following.
You : That you cant afford enough jewelry, so you use your bracelets as earrings.
(pretending like she said I was right about her): Dammit, I hate it when Im right! Are all the rich girls taken or what? (I start walking away, but she grabs you by the arm, if she doesn’t, that’s her loss)

-You: What a cute watch (bracelet). Did you get that with the kids meal at MCdonalds?

-Situation: She puts on her makeup in a public place. What I’ll do is keep looking at her as she puts on her makeup. She will always look up to see if anybody is looking, when she catches you looking, give her a very warm and friendly smile and maybe even raise an eyebrow then give her a thumbs up or that thing where you make a circle with your thumb and index finger and leave the other three finger out as if to say, job well done. The key is to come across as very friendly and approachable with a dash of mischief. I can guarantee you she will give you a bashful smile. That is your queue to approach her and chat her up.

-You: I am sweet, all the ladies want a piece. Look! Look at you, you are getting hot like women on adultfrinendfinder! Ha ha. Stop treating me like a sex object!

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