Building Rapport With A Great Third E-mail

Building Rapport, Third E-mail

Alright, so the example e-mail I used in the previous section is turning out to be a good one as she’s giving me every opportunity to flex my technique. I received this response from her yesterday. To understand the context, you’ll have to read my second post involving the second e-mail in my method if you haven’t done so already:

“Hmmm my perfect Saturday night–that’s not fair, there is no standard Saturday, but I love a dinner out, a few drinks, maybe a movie…that sounds so lame and standard, but I usually just go with whatever happens. The perfect Sunday morning is sleeping in to 10 and then having a delicious hot cup of coffee (I love the coffee from a little shop in the neighborhood I grew up in…my parents indulge me by shipping it to me). Then there is this little antique store I like to browse to look at things that I could never afford. Then maybe some brunch with friends, and a lovely lazy afternoon. My favorite museum would have to be Musee D’Orsay in Paris (have you been?), seeing as how basically my favorite period is the entire Museum. And yes, the real world is beginning to kick my ass to a degree. How was your weekend? By the way in case you are wondering if I am a big loser who spends all night on match or adultfriendrfinder, the reason I am up is because my poor friend who is staying with my just had a drunk driver run into her parked car and totaled it…so we are up now after dealing with that. Ugh.”

Couple of things to note from this e-mail: this chick is classy, or thinks she is. I’ll be adapting my e-mail to that. Also, the ending is an excellent sign. She is qualifying herself to me and winning my approval. Everything is going good so far. Now, I have already shocked her with a unique opening, negged her to death in the second e-mail to show I don’t particularly need her, so now its time to playfully build rapport. Here’s my reply with commentary explaining my reasoning:

“They do say that e-mailing guys on dating websites is the best therapy for dealing with tragedy.”

Minor Neg, but it’s funny and will work.

“Hopefully, that drunk’s car is at least as totaled as your friend’s is. My car was actually just rear-ended recently on —– Ave. (aka Drag Race Ave., if you didn’t already know). Despite driving a “souped-up” ride, the driver looked ridiculously scared after he hit me and my stare-down didn’t help his mood. Luckily, everything was ok (thank God for bumpers), I gave him the thumbs up and he hopped in his car to speed off, probably to change his pants.”

Funny story told for three reasons: I relate to her, DHV (alpha’d that asshole), and it’s humorous.

“My weekend was pretty good. Friday was spent drinking with friends at their condo, and Saturday was spent on my new mini-pub crawl I’ve found. There’s a strip on ——— Ave. I’ve discovered that involves great food (Ethiopian, Mexican) and 3 great bars (not pound music into your skull bars) that makes living in [my city] seem just that much more classy.”

Proves I have plenty to do. Furthermore, I worded my “Pub Crawl” anecdote in such a way to imply I know my way around a city she is new to. This should score major points. I don’t name the bars because I want her to ASK me about them (take an interest in me). I’m assuming she doesn’t like loud bars (classy girls typically don’t) and I’m peaking her interest to possible date venues. She’ll never know about this great area unless I take her.

“I’ve never been to that Museum, though I’ve been to the Louvre (who hasn’t). I spent a few days in Paris a few years ago and have wanted to go back since. In Paris, you think you’ve found the best bakery in the world until you turn the street-corner to find one better, and better, and better. Needless to say I spent my days there lounging in parks, drinking wine, and chomping on whatever I had just picked up.”

Shows I’m classy as well. I know how to have fun. Her question about that museum was a classy-girl’s shit test. I’ve recognized it and passed it.

“Alright, I’m off to jog in the WH Reservoir. Let me know how your week is going.”

DHV’s since women like men who are in-shape. Also named dropped another location for her to inquire about. This ending is key. We are building rapport, so I am done asking questions. We’re like old chums now, so she should just tell me how her week is going. If I’ve played this right she’ll have plenty to say.

My next e-mail will either continue to build rapport or number close. It depends on her response. Furthermore, as the e-mails continue, the time between e-mails will slowly decrease or will remain random. If she seems disinterested, she will not hear from me for a week or so, I will return to negging, etc. Also, it’s very possible this will go stale, despite how good it’s looking. That’s why I always have at least 4 girls going at once (max is about 8, since it can get tough to keep track at that point).

I don’t think any further analysis of my dialog with this chick will serve much of a purpose, so in the next section I’ll move on to begin teaching you specific skills in detail.

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