How To Stay Out Of The “Friend Zone” With Women

Using body language to stay out of the “Friend Zone” is HUGE.

One big element is eye contact… prolonged eye contact to signal your interest in a girl is vital. But an even bigger element is TOUCH. Let me tell you know, women LOVE to be touched… and by learning to touch women is probably the EASIEST way to let a girl know your interest in her.

Within the seduction community, touch is known as “kino“which is short for kinaesthetic.

When it comes to touching a girl, or giving Kino, you must learn to make touching a “part” of the conversation. The second rule to learn is that you must start with light “social” touching before advancing to more heavier, more sexual touching. This “advancement” in touching from light to heavy is known as “kino escalation

The following would be a rough guide showing how to advance from “touching her arm” to “holding her for a makeout”:

  1. Touching her arm
  2. Putting your hand on her shoulder
  3. Putting your arm around her shoulders
  4. Putting your arm around her waist
  5. Putting your hand on her thigh (when you’re sitting down)
  6. Holding her hand
  7. Touching her face
  8. Kissing her
  9. Holding her for a makeout

Just to give you an example of how to implement kino into your conversation, take a look at the following examples:

  • “No way! Are you kidding me!” (touch her arm)
  • “It’s ok, I feel your pain” (hand on her shoulder)
  • “Yeah, you cool… you get a gold star” (hand on her thigh)
  • “Here, come join me!” (grab her hand)

The above list from 1 to 9 is not an exact science but you must understand you need to start with the “light” touching with a girl before the “heavier” touching.

Most importantly, when you’re on a date on adultfrienedfinder, if you’ve been touching her arm, holding her hand, touching her face thoughout the date, then kissing her at the end of the night and using thrusting dildo will not be a big deal. BUT, if thoughout the whole date you have not touched her at all, kissing her at the end of the night will be VERY uncomfortable.

Other great kino tactics to use with women are hi-fives, hugs, dance “twirls” (making her twirl), as well as a whole heap of others.

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