How to Take Things Sexual

…and Land Your Dream Girl

So you’ve gotten the number, you’ve met for a date or two, or you’ve got someone in your social circle who you are interested in. The common element is that you probably want to take things sexual, but you aren’t really sure how to do it. If things stay how they are, with no sexual tension, the girl is going to start thinking of you as a friend or, even worse, a provider, rather than a lover. To take things sexual with the girl, you want to do it smoothly, this means not suddenly lunging in for a kiss or grope. Here’s how to escalate things smoothly:

  1. Don’t talk to her like she’s your friend.

If you are talking to her about her man problems, or having casual small talk, there is no way to generate sexual tension. Sexual tension is created from conversation which – challenges her, teases her, or makes her feel emotions. Challenging her, asking her to prove herself to you gets her in the frame of you being the chooser and her trying to win your approval. Teasing her is a great way to escalate sexually. Anything where she is playfully hitting you and laughing at the same time is excellent. Making her feel emotions, means making her talk about her passions, things she desires, and times when she has been in love. Relationship talk – what she is looking for etc is also good.

  1. Touch her in the right way

A friend will touch her on the arm when talking, hug her, and kiss on the cheek when they meet. If you do these things and expect to make her feel something it probably isn’t going to work. There are two ways to escalate touch in a physical way – sexual touching, and playful touching. Playful touching is things like tickling her, poking her, play fighting, picking her up, and bumping her as you walk. This is something pretty safe but still creates some sexual tension. Sexual escalation is: holding her hand (use an excuse of looking at her rings or bracelets or nails if you need to), putting your arm around her, touching her hair (likewise use an excuse). These things are something lovers on adultfrienedfinder do, and her friends don’t. You need a number of these things to shift out of the friend zone.

  1. Being seductive

So you know what to talk about, and how to touch her, but there is still a big piece of the puzzle missing. That is acting in a seductive manner. Someone who is acting like her friend won’t be able to lead her into thinking sexual thoughts. The elements to focus on to be seductive are:

Eye contact – hold strong eye contact.

Slow you speech and deepen your voice.

Look at her like you want her.

Finally you can even start to look at her lips and leave pauses where you are just looking at each other. If she is comfortable or looks at you in a seductive way, it’s on!

Follow the above advice and you will no longer wonder when you can kiss, how to let a girl know you are interested, or be stuck in the friend zone.

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