How To Stay Out Of The “Friend Zone” With Women

Using body language to stay out of the “Friend Zone” is HUGE.

One big element is eye contact… prolonged eye contact to signal your interest in a girl is vital. But an even bigger element is TOUCH. Let me tell you know, women LOVE to be touched… and by learning to touch women is probably the EASIEST way to let a girl know your interest in her.

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Building Rapport With A Great Third E-mail

Building Rapport, Third E-mail

Alright, so the example e-mail I used in the previous section is turning out to be a good one as she’s giving me every opportunity to flex my technique. I received this response from her yesterday. To understand the context, you’ll have to read my second post involving the second e-mail in my method if you haven’t done so already:

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How to Take Things Sexual

…and Land Your Dream Girl

So you’ve gotten the number, you’ve met for a date or two, or you’ve got someone in your social circle who you are interested in. The common element is that you probably want to take things sexual, but you aren’t really sure how to do it. If things stay how they are, with no sexual tension, the girl is going to start thinking of you as a friend or, even worse, a provider, rather than a lover. To take things sexual with the girl, you want to do it smoothly, this means not suddenly lunging in for a kiss or grope. Here’s how to escalate things smoothly:

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Approaching women, funny lines to say to women

You: Are you going out with us for a drink later?
She : Maybe. I don’t know what are your plans
You: My plans? Well, I have to stop by the framing place to see how they’re coming along with mounting my Congressional Medal of Honor. They’re finding it hard to squeeze it inside the same frame alongside my Medal of Freedom. Then I have a conference call with Bill Gates. After that, I’m kind of free for a drink.

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What’s Your Internet Dating Style?

When it comes to dating online, single men and single women alike have different dating styles. None of them are right or wrong, they’re just different and it’s good to understand what your style is and how other people date. It’ll help you manage expectations of yourself and others.

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Get Inspired To Find Love

Are you ready to meet singles, fall in love and get married? Would you like to go on great dates with interesting single men or single women and just enjoy yourself for a while? Are you ready to start a serious relationship with the right man or right woman? Are you looking to meet friends for possible romance? Would you like to meet girls or meet guys for one or all of these types of relationships but don’t feel inspired? Well, you’re not alone!

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Web Dating Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re new to the internet dating scene or have been dating singles online to meet girls or meet guys for a while, here’s an easy-reference online dating cheat sheet for some in-the-pinch online personals and online love inspiration.

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Internet Dating Boot Camp

Internet Dating Boot Camp: Ready to Date in Ten Workouts

Time to get your web dating muscles in shape! Whether you’re new to online dating personals or you’ve been around the dating service and relationship site block; whether you’re just looking to find a date or looking to find your soul mate; whether you’re newly single or newly inspired to jump back into dating online to meet singles, this quick shot of online love and relationship advice will have you ready to date and find matches in ten workout stations.

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SinglesNet takes the guesswork out of searching through online dating member profiles. With its concentration on region-specific dating, simply typing in a region or zip code matches members with their best potential matches, based on SinglesNet’s own proprietary matching system. Members have nothing more to do than choose the match that’s right for them.

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